What and Why?

A Book and a traveling Exhibition on the Salton Sea

Portraits and Interviews with residents, workers, visitors and conservationists at the Salton Sea! With stories to tell, anecdotes, environmental information to share, and personal histories to relate! Also includes photographs of the landscapes that surround the Salton Sea.

In the spring of 2011, I concluded a portrait project photographing residents, visitors, workers, scientists, park rangers and environmentalists who work and/or live at the Salton Sea and interviewed them on their personal backgrounds and stories and on their hopes for the future of the Salton Sea and their fears. They share their stories and knowledge and give the reader an idea of the cultural, historical, environmental and natural aspects of this area.
The idea behind it was to create a photographic documentary that focuses on those who will be affected most by the declining water levels and giving them a platform to speak out. I also spoke with those involved in the restoration to help inform the reader of what’s involved, as education is key to leading others to learn about conservation. 

The media still portray the Salton Sea in a very negative light and a lot of people, even in California, still aren’t aware of its existence. By speaking to these individuals, I feel one gets a more complete picture of the Salton Sea and just why it is so valuable not only to this area but beyond the Colorado Basin. One will be able to see the human element of the Salton Sea and people looking at photographs respond to that.
 My gratitude and massive great thanks and couldn’t have done it without all the participants in the exhibition, Terry Weiner (DPC), Abraham Marquez (Imperial Visions), George Mohoff, Katrine Knauer, Gerd und Traudel Lange.  

This Project has been so generously funded by:

Desert Protective Council: www.protectdeserts.org
Imperial Visions: ivanonline.com
Kickstarter Campaign Participants http://www.kickstarter.com